The Perthshire Amber Festival

2016 Tickets will go on sale online and by phone at 4pm UK time on Tuesday 10th May, 2016

Dougie MacLean has developed a unique festival which shares his inspiring music, celebrates the history and culture of his Perthshire home and showcases its beautiful scenery. The concerts, which welcome high calibre musical guests from Scotland and abroad, are staged in a variety of wonderful venues, from village halls, town halls and a grand concert hall to historic castles and the atmospheric Dunkeld Cathedral.
"A jewel of a festival"
"A festival with vision and imagination"
(Press & Journal)
"The most original acoustic music festival in Scotland today"
(Sing Out Magazine, USA)

Perthshire Amber 2016…Time for a Change!

"Our 10-day festival has grown so many beloved 'arms and legs' over the 11 years of its history … and has become a little unwieldy. All the elements of the festival are valued and time tested now but it is taking too huge an investment in time and energy on our family's part (right through the year) to keep the full 10 day programme going year on year ...and into the future. That 'family feel', the involvement of committed musical friends from near and far and the warm welcome to visitors is at the core of the festival … that personal feel is appreciated again and again in the many wonderful responses we receive.

So we've thought about this long and hard and we plan to distil Perthshire Amber to be a 4 day autumn festival in it’s 12th year…the dates will be Thursday 3rd November - Sunday 6th November, 2016. Many very successful festivals are 2 and 3 day festivals and we believe with the 4 days we can maintain the quality and impact of the existing festival while maintaining the variety of venues throughout Perthshire (crannog, castles, town hall, concert hall) and the layers of performance … from sessions and Open Mic, through Cabaret Amber to the main afternoon and evening concerts. We will still include the increasingly popular Decorated Wheelbarrow Parade and Amber Autumn Picnic (which drew crowds of over 2,000 in 2015)! For those who want to visit for longer we'll have suggestions for great things to see and enjoy before or after The Big Four Days!

The Perthshire Amber Festival has always been a journey, with many changes over the years ... there's no doubt there will be lots more developments in years to come. We look forward to welcoming you all ithis year for what we feel will be the best festival ever!" Warm Regards, Jenny and Dougie MacLean.

Autumn Glory