Get Involved -Big Knit 2021

Here is your chance to once again support a wonderful charity while securing some great winter woolies for yourself or for Christmas gifts!...from hand knits ranging from small rugs and large blankets to special knitted toys, socks and kiddies cardigans, hats, scarves, rugs, teapot cosies and cushion covers! Below are just some of this year's knitted goodies!!...


Background: Described as “a jewel of a festival” (Scotsman) Perthshire Amber, has since 2005 established itself as one of Scotland’s leading musical and cultural events. Dougie MacLean, “Scotland's pre-eminent singer-songwriter and a national musical treasure” (Performing Songwriter USA) and his team have developed a unique festival which shares with visitors from Scotland and abroad his native and beautiful scenery, as well as his music and musical friends.

The Perthshire Amber Big Knit is a hand's on way of raising funds for our Favourite charity. Festival-goers and knitters from afar contribute their time and energy to knit squares to create a knitted blanket and other special articles that are auctioned, raffled or sold to help show our support in a unique, creative and involving way.

Dougie MacLean's mother Dolly was the Big Knit's first co-ordinator (2007 - 2010) and continues to help with the knitting and overseeing of the Big Knit Team that has gradually evolved. A couple of Dolly's special hand knit items are once again included in this year's offerings.

During this second year of the global (Covid 19) pandemic, and with many of our overseas festival-goers unable to travel, our music festival 'on the ground' has again been cancelled but we still want to raise funds for Cyrenians by asking for a donation (with or without one of the special knitted items) from everyone who has enjoyed our Perthshire Amber Festival in the past or our streamed Live Concerts during 2020 and 2021.

We’re so pleased to be helping The Cyrenians again in 2021. Thank you to everyone who knits and buys hats and other things. We couldn’t do it without you! If you don't fancy or need a knitted can still make a donation!

If you would like to contribute some special hand knitted items (kiddies toys, gloves, hats, scarves, and rugs were really popular last year!) for a truly good cause (The Cyrenians) that would be really appreciated. 
Really any time from now (some items have arrived already from overseas) until October 25 would be grand....and we will still include items which arrive until the first weekend of November which would have been our Perthshire Amber Festival weekend.
Our address is: 
The Big Knit 2021 (c/o Jenny MacLean)
The Old Schoolhouse
Perthshire. PH80HA
Scotland UK 
Let me know what you are sending so that I can look out for its arrival.
Thanks again!

All the items available (with suggested minimum donation) will be numbered and listed on the festival website ... each item will go to the first person who quotes the number and donates the requested amount here on this site. Remember we will need your full postal address to send your package to.

This year's knitted items as well as the Big Knit 2021 Just Giving page will be made available in the first week of November....or even earlier if I can get things organised!