Scott Cook & Jez Hellard


"Scott Cook belongs to that fine tradition of traveling minstrels like Woody Guthrie... definitely a writer to keep an eye on"
Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs, Canada

"One of Canada’s most inspiring and imaginative storytellers... beautifully written lyrics, intricate chordal patterns and a refreshing plain-spoken vocal clarity."
Emily Saxton, Maverick Country, UK

A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada’s Scott Cook has managed to distill the stories collected over years of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. He brings humour, a disarming honesty, years of roads, and a deep love of humanity to his songcraft and storytelling. He is equally at home alone on stage, accompanying himself with guitar, banjo, ukulele, and mbira, or backed by his acoustic trio the Second Chances. Cook’s songs are true stories set to music, drawing on influences from folk and old-time country to soul and blues.

Scott will be performing as a duo during Perthshire Amber with Jez Hellard. A singer of potent songs, stunning harmonica player, guitarist and producer, Jez  thrives on music of all stripes. His band, The Djukella Orchestra, play traditional and contemporary folk music, from jigs and reels to tango, rhumba, funk and reggae. From original and traditional songs to rare gems from some of the world’s greatest, if lesser known song-writers; often fellow troubadors who Jez has met in many years on the road. Since 2005, Jez has played over 900 gigs; from Vancouver to Istanbul, New York to Taipei. He’s performed at festivals including Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party in the UK, North Country Fair and Sasquatch Gathering in Canada, Macedonia’s Pivoland and Taiwan’s Migration Music Festival, and venues ranging from London’s Jazz Cafe to theatres, clubs, house-concerts, pubs, tunnels and street corners around the world.Whether he’s improvising over Gypsy rhythms, stomping out fiddle tunes on the harmonica, singing a rebel ballad, or dropping fresh beats on a variety of drums, his infectious energy, skill and passion for music has gained him fans far and wide.As a harmonica player, he’s renowned as an adept improviser in most styles of music and loves to be put on the spot, either on stage or in the studio.