May 19th 2020 - Cardney Concerts & Festival cancelled due to Covid-19

Due to the ongoing effect of Covid-19 we are needing to cancel both of our planned and much anticipated events for this year of 2020 - The Cardney Concerts (re-scheduled from March to June) and the Perthshire Amber Festival (our much loved autumn event planned for 6th - 8th November). Both events will be rescheduled for 2021 and festival dates are below. 

Please understand that Dougie and I, as well as our festival team, are truly disappointed that we just can’t make plans to welcome you all to Perthshire this year. Having sought advice from many trusted sources we’re realising that It is unlikely that the ban on large gatherings and the requirement for social distancing in general will be lifted before the end of this year in Scotland. Our festival pub sessions, Open Mic, Cabaret Amber and concerts large and small all thrive on physical closeness! Above everything else we must all do our best to keep ourselves, our team and our valued 'festival-goers' safe and well. Rest assured, our concerts and festival will return…and our brilliant organising team and global audience will all come together again for more musical magic in this very beautiful part of the world!!!

The festival team look forward to welcoming you back to Perthshire next year in the autumn. 
The festival dates will be Friday 5th - Sunday 7th November 2021.
The Programme, Artists and Venues for our 2021 festival will be announced in early May 2020 and the website will gradullay be fully updated. 
Tickets for 2021 will be on sale from 4pm (UK time) on Tuesday 18th May 2021.

November 2018 - The Countdown is almost done!!....Festival starts tomorrow!!

Wonky logo with lights

It will be much more 'music’ focused with loads of acoustic music sessions, Open Mic, Cabaret Amber...with great friend Tim Edey joining Dougie for a concert in the historic and atmospheric Murthly Castle Chapel, one big 'Dougie' concert in Perth Concert Hall... and a Farewell Bash in the beautiful setting of Dunkeld House on the banks of the River Tay.

Almost all our festival team is back together to help me organise with a lot of wonderful musicians amongst them even our Farewell Concert on the Sunday in Dunkeld House will be a very special one. In future years I will probably gradually add back in the concerts with more musical guests from Scotland and abroad. This year we are really focusing on the team and on festival goers getting involved themselves in the music.

October 2018 - Big Knit excitement! Just a week to go!

Every year since the Big Knit started there has been a surprise of some kind...a beautiful blanket to bid for...or blanket and cushions...or hats, hats, hats!!...or hedgehogs even.

Well... this year our 'Queen of the Big Knit'  Dolly has been very busy! She has knitted a whole wonderful family of Scarecrows and assorted other great wee  cuddly toys that will be sold to raise funds for our festival charity 'Cyrenians'. 

We've been trying to work out the best way of making them all available. For those who can't come to the festival this year...if you want to send an email ( to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with a suggested offer for a particular favourite (or family couple or group!) we'll keep track and let you know if you're in the running! Remember that all money raised from the Big Knit 2018 (as well as the food collected by our Amber Harvest) goes to the wonderful charity Cyrenians.
So...first we introduce the Scarecrow Family! Granny & Grandad, Mum & Dad, wee boy and girl and the baby in the pram! Aren't they wonderful?...

Scarecrow family 2wBut there's more...

May 2018 - Exciting News!....the "jewel of a festival" returns in 2018!

As announced back in December 2017 our plan has been to distill our Perthshire Amber Festival right back to a weekend this year  (2nd - 4th November 2018) with music sessions happening in Dunkeld pubs all weekend, a triple Cabaret Amber (with two on the Friday night and another on Saturday early evening), our Open Mic on the Saturday afternoon and very early on Sunday afternoon, a big Dougie concert on Saturday night in Perth Concert Hall, and a Farewell Concert/Event with the team on the Sunday afternoon in one of our favourite places on the banks of the River Tay! The Big Knit in aid of the Cyrenians is still happening in the Big Knit Lounge… no blanket auction or stress…just hats and kid’s knitted toys and anything else that folks fancy knitting! The Amber Market with all the wonderful creations from the Dunkeld Craft Collective will be happening again on the Saturday and no doubt there will be other surprise events and artists added right up until the end of the summer!

For the festival to carry on for many years to come (as we would all like it to!) it must be something that we all look forward to! A scaled back, simplified festival will give more time for our organising team to enjoy each others company and the music …including Dougie who for several festivals rarely got to a session or anything at the Royal because he was always getting ready for concerts!

December 2017 - News at last of the 2018 Festival!

"Though we have seen many festival-goers at some point during 2017, news about the future of this year’s festival is long overdue! We’ve had so many messages and email enquiries from all over the world over the last 15 months and I’m still working out the detail of our 2018 Perthshire Amber Festival...but it is happening!
autumn glory w

It has definitely been good for us to have a break from organising the festival in 2017… and as a result Dougie and I had a truly creative year with more time for our wonderful grandchildren and the rest of our family... and watercolours, mountain biking, gardening, cooking up storms, songwriting and recording… and all that stuff. At the same time you must all realise that Dougie and I genuinely love getting together with our team and bringing together folk from all over the world to enjoy Perthshire in the autumn …as well as sharing the music of course!

So our plan is to distill Perthshire Amber right back to a weekend in 2018 (2nd - 4th November)

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