December 2017 - News at last of the 2018 Festival!

"Though we have seen many festival-goers at some point during 2017, news about the future of this year’s festival is long overdue! We’ve had so many messages and email enquiries from all over the world over the last 15 months and I’m still working out the detail of our 2018 Perthshire Amber Festival...but it is happening!
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It has definitely been good for us to have a break from organising the festival in 2017… and as a result Dougie and I had a truly creative year with more time for our wonderful grandchildren and the rest of our family... and watercolours, mountain biking, gardening, cooking up storms, songwriting and recording… and all that stuff. At the same time you must all realise that Dougie and I genuinely love getting together with our team and bringing together folk from all over the world to enjoy Perthshire in the autumn …as well as sharing the music of course!

So our plan is to distill Perthshire Amber right back to a weekend in 2018 (2nd - 4th November)

with music sessions happening in Dunkeld pubs all weekend, Cabaret Amber on the Friday night (and maybe Saturday early evening), Open Mic on the Saturday (and perhaps Sunday early afternoon), a big Dougie concert on Saturday night in Perth Concert Hall, and a Farewell Concert/Event with the team on the Sunday afternoon wherever we decide is best. The Big Knit in aid of the Cyrenians could still happen in the Big Knit Lounge… no blanket auction or stress…just hats and kid’s knitted toys and anything else that folks fancy knitting! Even things like Craft Market or Archaeology Walks can be included as long as they can be organised by those involved in time to be included in the programme.

For the festival to carry on for years to come (as we would all like it to!) it must be something that we all look forward to! A scaled back, simplified festival will give more time for our organising team to enjoy each others company and the music …including Dougie who never got to a session or anything at the Royal because he was always getting ready for concerts!

- book the dates into your diary. We’ll let you know when tickets will be on sale…probably early May.
- book your flights and accommodation if needed
- if you are interested musicians send in applications for the 2018 Open Mic (read info carefully before you do)
- start knitting!… The Cyrenians is a wonderful charity that deserves all our support 
- let us know if you have any thoughts on the programme and what we’ve decided to include.
- let us know if you have any other ideas that we may not ever have thought of!!

Dougie and I hope you’re all having a good year so far and are really thankful for all the emails, letters and messages of support for the festival we have received …. without that enthusiasm it may not be happening in 2018. Let’s hope this is the first year of many more to come!"