October 2018 - Big Knit excitement! Just a week to go!

Every year since the Big Knit started there has been a surprise of some kind...a beautiful blanket to bid for...or blanket and cushions...or hats, hats, hats!!...or hedgehogs even.

Well... this year our 'Queen of the Big Knit'  Dolly has been very busy! She has knitted a whole wonderful family of Scarecrows and assorted other great wee  cuddly toys that will be sold to raise funds for our festival charity 'Cyrenians'. 

Scarecrow family 2w

We've been trying to work out the best way of making them all available. For those who can't come to the festival this year...if you want to send an email ( to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with a suggested offer for a particular favourite (or family couple or group!) we'll keep track and let you know if you're in the running! Remember that all money raised from the Big Knit 2018 (as well as the food collected by our Amber Harvest) goes to the wonderful charity Cyrenians.
So...first we introduce the Scarecrow Family! Granny & Grandad, Mum & Dad, wee boy and girl and the baby in the pram! Aren't they wonderful?...

Next we have the wee Ballerina and Puss in Boots...

Ballet Dancing Girl w Puss in Boots w 

And the Brillliant Bagpiper!...and the Boy in a Kilt...

Bagpipe Boy w Kilted Boy w

During the festival we welcome people to come to The Big Knit Lounge at Amber Central and join in! You can bring your own knitting or grab some wool and needles (available to anyone who wants a go) and knit squares for next years projects.

The Big Knit Lounge has become THE place to come to get kitted out for the winter ahead and to purchase those special festive gifts - hats, cuddly toys, scarves, gloves, tea cosies, cushion covers and knee rugs have all been knitted in the past and sold to raise funds. Every purchase of a knitted article and click of every knitting needle helps support those in need!...and there even may be some more of those wonderful hedgehogs!!
10. hedgehogs