Sorren Maclean


"…a pop sensibility that ensures the melodic hooks are strong and memorable"

"One of Mull’s finest exports is singer-songwriter Sorren Maclean"
FolkRadio UK

It's been a busy couple of years for Sorren Maclean: playing in a King Creosote offshoot, supporting Idlewild on tour, performing with Dougie as part of The MacLean Project and as part of the ensemble that brought Martyn Bennett's Grit to the live stage at Celtic Connections.

Now, with his debut album, it's time for this 25-year-old native of Mull to step into the spotlight as a singer-songwriter in his own right. Maclean has an emerging style of his own that feels like a natural part of the musical DNA of someone brought up off the Scottish mainland: a laidback, deceptively easy vocal that floats over more rhythmic and richly arranged undercurrents; a lyrical strain that returns again and again to ideas of leaving, travelling, coming home.

A dexterous multi-instrumentalist, the songwriter has displayed admirable depth. His new album 'Winter Stay Autumn' was written for - and performed in concert alongside - a seven piece band, and it's perhaps Sorren MacLean's most ambitious work yet. The record has a rare sense of poetry, the subtle and supple arrangements matched against the warm hues of Sorren's voice.