Open Mic 2021

As our Perthshire Amber Festival 2020 has been cancelled we are offering all the artists who had been accepted for the Open Mic 2020 a spot on the Open Mic 2021.

We are hoping that in 2021 the afternoon Open Mic sessions will again be held in the "Wee Festival Hall" upstairs at The Royal Dunkeld Hotel on what we now call The Ewen Sutherland Stage.
The 2021 Open Mic will again be hosted by Katee Kross and Ross Barron … who have been involved with our festival for many years now since they first performed at the Open Mic as youngsters as part of the Bishopbriggs Ceilidh Band!..then as KT and the Amberjacks…then Katee Kross and Ross! We welcome them both back to this important role for the third year!!

Since it began in 2005 our Open Mic was hosted by Ewen Sutherland, who very sadly and quite suddenly died in 2017. Ewen was a fine performer in his own right as well as a wonderful and encouraging compere. Dougie and Ewen formed a folk duo while at school called Cruachan and then went on to form a band called Puddock's Well, which had an influence on the development of what is now called "the celtic music scene"- with members Andy M Stewart and Martin Hadden joining well known folk band Silly Wizard And Dougie himself joining The Tannahill Weavers. Ewen is still sadly missed by all our festival team and we have named the performance area (for both the Open Mic and Cabaret Amber) The Ewen Sutherland Stage as a tribute to him.

The Open Mic concept has been in existence for many years at music festivals, but of late became more widely known through the very successful Open Mic sessions started by Danny Kyle at Glasgow's Celtic Connections Festival, our Perthshire Amber Festival and the Open Mics that are spring up at festivals and in pubs all over the country. The Open Mic gives the chance to musicians, who aren't performing at other concerts, to get involved in the weekend's music.

The most important thing about an Open Mic is the audience. Over the past years the welcoming, attentive and responsive audiences at the open mic sessions helped to make the events enjoyable for all the performers involved.

The dates for this year's Perthshire Amber Festival Open Mic are Saturday 6th November (12 midday - 3.00pm) and Sunday 7th November 2021 (11am - 2.00pm).

As with past years, the time for each performance will be limited to 10 minutes (2 songs max) per artist or group. Please note that this is an acoustic open mic. event, with a good quality but small PA system, so we will not cater for heavily electric music.

If you are interested in performing on one of the dates please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name and a short description of you/your band (with what instruments you play) and two mp3 music files so that we can have a listen and (hopefully) add you to our list. Please also send a mobile and home contact telephone number. There has always been a wonderful response from musicians of all ages and from all over the world!... they should be 2 really enjoyable early afternoons of music.

Open Mic in the Wee Festival Hall
Performers at one of our past Open Mic in the Wee Festival Hall

The artists below are not in order of performance...that will be decided on the day.

Saturday 6th November (12 midday - 3.00pm)
1. Chris Mossop
2. Gallus Crows
3. Wild im Wald
4. Kenna
5. Pete Smith
6. Ian Gurney
7. Just for Now
8. Bob Knight
9. Lloyd James Fay
10. The Wild Parochial Boy
11. Uke That!
12. Just Singin'

Reserve 1. Joe McMahon
Reserve 2. Kara Conway

Sunday 7th November (11am - 2.00pm)
1. Fife Ukulele Orchestra
2. The ShireTones
3. Lisa Kowalski
4. The Coaltown Daisies
5. Shelagh McKay Jones
6. Tom McEwan
7. Scott Ashworth
8. Sandie Wyles
9. Brenig
10. Linda Howitt
11. Still for Angels
12. Rebecca Connelly

Reserve1. Sir-Reel Clarks
Reserve 2. Rona Thomson & Stan Quirk

The dates for the 2021 year's Perthshire Amber Festival Open Mic are Saturday 6th November and Sunday 7th November 2020.

If any of the above musicians are unable to attend on the above dates please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.




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