This first festival featured the special talents of Dougie as well as many of the musicians and friends who have been involved with him over the last 25 years... enthusiasts and musicians traveled from all over the world to attend.

Review of the first festival!!... "Perthshire Amber- The Dougie MacLean Weekend 2005 This was an inspired title for Dougie MacLean's first ambitious festival weekend."

"Perthshire, that most beautiful of Scottish counties, chose to display itself in its most stunning autumn dress: all shades of amber and golden leaves in a thrilling display of nature at its best, even when the sun didn't shine, making it a most evocative festival title. The whole, packed weekend was filled, morning to night, with workshops, story telling sessions, concerts and talks in interesting venues such as the tiny Crannog at Kenmore, sessions at the Taybank in Dunkeld, open mics in the theatre foyer to the evening gigs in the auditorium. Seriously stimulating and probably very slimming, since there seemed to be no time for eating. The liner notes for Dougie MacLean's CD Perthshire Amber quote the Herald as "an irresistible tapestry of tunes, rhythms... harmonies and textures", words which could also fit this festival as a whole. Toweringly ambitious in its range and supremely testing in Dougie MacLean's promise not to repeat a single song, this weekend had something for every fan of folk music" (edinburgh guide.com)