This was the year our festival grew from a long weekend to a 10 day event!

Dougie MacLean performed with his trio, quartet, current band and regrouped Dougie MacLean Band from the 90's... and with lots of musician friends including The Paperboys from Vancouver, The Tannahill Weavers, Martin Taylor, Maggie Reilly, Patsy Seddon, Andy M. Stewart, Duncan Chisolm, Anna Murray... to name a few! "It is impossible to describe the power, imagination and variety embodied in this musical event! Audience from all over the world joined together to enjoy wonderful concerts in stunning venues - from an Iron Age Crannog, to ancient castles to a most beautiful theatre in the hills of Perthshire. The Open Mic. and the Young Songwriter's Showcase were of a truly high standard and the spontaneous music sessions in the reconstructed MacLean's Real Music Bar really cooked. Cabaret Amber in the early evening was inspirational and relaxing... and free admission! Congratulations to Dougie MacLean and the team who have turned it into a ten day event - surely the most original acoustic music festival in Scotland today!"

(An enthusiastic festival-goer from the USA)

Photos From 2007